Official Launch

JULY 2015

1396007966_Free Radicals 2

Pip Chodorov, ‘Free Radicals’ (2012)


  • It is my intention to present a healthy mix of avant-garde cinema and contemporary art-film, alongside full features from an ongoing ‘new waves in cinema’ programme.
  • It is my wish to profile artists who have dared to push the boundaries of cinematic space, narrative form, and contemporary cross-discipline artistic practice.
  • It is my mission to contribute.

“Cinema, what’s seen through a frame, a stopped watch in a flame..  Cinema, shadows on a ceiling.  Ripples in perceived space over time, achieved pace in a rhyme..  Why every single gaze, a silent fall on fabric in the wind, has meaning.” 

Glassy Ciné 2015

Random Association #01 Boothroyd_Punnett_Brakhage


Olivia Punnett, ‘Dust Rug’ 2011


Stan Brakhage, ‘Mothlight’ (1963)


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